Stoupa is a picturesque village, located 45km. southern of Kalamata city with two amazing beaches. It is a land of extremely beautiful nature as it combines mountain and sea, the bright green olive trees and the remarkable wild nature of Mani.

From historic elements we know the course of the place from ancient times until today. Eastern from the village the castle is raising the castle, acropolis of the old city of Lefktro. According to Pafsanias there was the temple of Athena with her statue. During the period of Frankish domination (1204-1259) the castle reconstructed and named Bofor.

At the beach of Kalogria of Stoupa Alexis Zorbas meet Nikos Kazantzakis and they start the work of the mines of Pastrovas with the local workers. Nikos Kazantzakis here inspired and wrote the “Vios & Politia of Alexis Zorbas”.


Kardamili is a village by the sea thirty-five kilometers southeast of Kalamata. It is the seat of the municipality of Lefktro in the region of Messinia on the Mani Peninsula. In the Iliad (Book 9), Homer cites Kardamili as one of the seven cities offered by Agamemnon to Achilles as a condition to rejoin the fight during the Trojan War. The village preserves its ancient name.

The older town includes a mediaeval castle and outworks, and the imposing church of Saint Spyridon. Many of the buildings of Old Kardamili, also known as “Pano Kardamili”, or “Upper Kardamili” were built by the Venetians and feature a mix of traditional Greek and Venetian design. The skyline of Kardamyli, like many other Maniot towns and villages, is dominated by the distinctive regional architectural of the various towers built by scions of the Nikliani clans, the mediaeval aristocracy of the Mani.


Agios Nikolaos ( Saint Nicholas) is a fishing village in the Mani Peninsula in southern Greece; it is popular with holidaymakers. The village, known to English-speaking tourists as “Ag Nik,” lies about 30 kilometres (19 mi) south-east of Kalamata, on the eastern shore of the Messenian Gulf, and about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) south of Stoupa, a larger tourist village. It is part of the municipal unit of West Mani in Messenia.

It is still an active fishing harbour with a fish market most days. There are several Tavernas and Kafenons around the harbour. There is an emergency medical center, a pharmacy, a post office, and several small grocery stores.

Agios Nikolaos was formerly called Selinitsa Etymology (meaning simply village, settlement). The name Selinitsa is still used by many locals. It was a centre of fighting during the Greek Civil War, being on the side of Government fighting the ‘communists’ who were mainly in the mountain villages. There are still three towers, built as machine gun emplacements scattered around the village; the largest about 20 metres or 66 feet high dominates the ‘skyline’ on the main road into the village. There are no documented ancient remains in the immediate area.

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